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Assalam mualaikum, may Allah bless all my readers =)

This is my second attempt in designing a POSTRAIT (poster + portrait). To see my 1st postrait, you can click here. I love to try new thing. Honestly, i don't have any skill in photoshop or poster making. (Zero!)
But, i take it as a challenge for myself to make a postrait, & alhamdulillah i've made it. From zero, now at least i know how to combine my portrait and add some message.

However, the most important point is the message that i want to share with you. Its about...

(The Hijab in Islam)

Here are some Myths and Misconceptions about Hijab.
Credit to Nayzak.

:bulletred: Myth: The hijab is the scarf that covers a Muslim woman’s neck and hair.
:bulletgreen: Truth: Hijab refers to modesty in actions and dress including covering the entire body except the face and hands, wearing loose-fitting clothing that does not emphasize the woman’s figure, and is not revealing in any way.

:bulletred: Myth: Women who wear hijab have been forced to do so.
:bulletgreen: Truth: Wearing hijab is a decision for women, one with deep religious meaning.

:bulletred: Myth: Hijab only refers to women.
:bulletgreen: Truth: The Islamic perception of hijab applies to men as well referring to the way in which they conduct themselves.

:bulletred: Myth: Muslim women must wear hijab at all times.
:bulletgreen: Truth: Muslim women must only wear hijab when in public places and in the company of men who are not immediate family (brothers-in-law, cousins, neighbors). Muslim women can wear makeup and uncovered hair in the presence of their family and men who they cannot marry within the Islamic faith (fathers, brothers, sons, grandfathers) or at occasions where only women are present.

:bulletred: Myth: The hijab is a traditional Arab custom.
:bulletgreen: Truth: The practice of modesty and coveting the woman’s hair is mandated by Islam, and is a religious, not a cultural practice. Covering the hair out of modesty is seen in other religions as well - Mary is often depicted with her head covered; nuns take the habit.

What made muslim ladies wearing hijab?

A simple passage from the Qur’an that says:

”… that they (the believing women) should draw veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers…”
[ An-Noor 24:31 ]

"O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad); that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful."

What would be the proper hijab?

it just a few simple guidelines, even a small muslim girl can do it...=) visit here ~ credit to illy Muzliza & Ummu Hana (May Allah grant them jannah)

I hope anyone reading this Hijabee article would get something good. From my 2 cents, those muslim ladies that wearing hijab represents a very important image and perception to our non-muslim friends. We may never see the impact our actions have on other people. Sometimes we are the only source of Islam someone will read, or the only Islam a non-muslim will see. So, i think, what we need to provide is an example for others to see. We never know who is watching our actions everyday and it does reflect the way other people see Islam & i keep telling myself,
avoid yourself from becoming a hipocyrite, 2-faces (like Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde) or split personality.
Feel free to share the postrait.
How i made the portrait? Click here.

p/s: in progress for completing my 6th artwork (The comfort of our eyes).
(Sorry for the broken English)

5th Artwork - Hijabee

Assalam mualaikum, may God bless every single person that read my article.

Finally, after so many................

sketching (1st step), drawing, editing, blending (2nd step) & Final touch up (Last step)

my 5th artwork has completed. AlHamdulillah!This is my latest pencil drawing in my collection. Bila di buat postmortem from my 1st artwork sampailah collection yg ke-5 ni. Wah!...memang banyak bezanya. (Maaf, pujian untuk diri sendiri, masuk lif tekan sendiri). =)
Koleksi artwork terdahulu, boleh lihat di sini & sini.

*click pada image untuk view yang lebih jelas.

Step 1 ~ Sketching (Lakaran)

Step 2 ~ Drawing, editing & blending

Step 2 ~ Adjust tone

Step 3 ~ Final touch up, Completed!

Based on literature review terhadap buku-buku lukisan karya pelukis terkenal seperti Lee Hammond dan Darrel Tank, lakaran kasar (skecthing) sangat penting untuk mendapatkan overal picture of pencil portrait dari segi ketepatan kedudukan mata, hidung, mulut, bentuk muka....etc. Disinilah peranan garisan kotak-kotak. Step 1 ini dipanggil 'sketch' sebab kita tak perlu lukis terlalu detail & pekat, supaya mudah padam bila kita mula step ke-2.

2nd step ~ Drawing & blending

Proses melukis dengan detail (biasanya pensil 2B, 6B & 8B digunakan), dan blending (proses untuk hasilkan variasi tone yang pelbagai (cerah, sederhana cerah, gelap, sangat gelap).

Jika dalam step pertama adalah untuk ketepatan gambar yang dilukis, step ke-2 adalah untuk menjadikan lukisan itu nampak real! (sama seperti mana gambar sebenar).

Ada beberapa guideline yang di guna pakai during this 2nd step.

1. if you want to draw the teeth, don't exactly draw it. Let the gums "define" it. (Faham ke?)

2. Eyes: owh, it was really challenging! Why? sebab, mata adalah bahagian yang akan menentukan sama ada sesuatu lukisan itu nampak "real/hidup". Ketika melukis mata, tahap kesabaran anda mesti tinggi. Effect cahaya itu sangat penting.

3. Bibir/mulut: perlu pandai bermain dengan tone color. (Solid dark, medium dark, light)

4. Hidung : sama seperti No.3

Extra note:

Bagi sesiapa yg tergoda dengan wajah portrait ni sampai terngiang-ngiang dalam kepala, angau setiap masa, mengigau tiba-tiba, my advice is that you should remove it from your collection (jangan di download) & never look back at this portrait. Nanti ada penyakit hati datang menyingah. =)

'Your talent is God's gift. What you do with it is your gift back to God' ~Leo Buscaglia

meow !

p/s: Siapa model portrait ni??
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