Tuesday, September 20, 2011

6th Artwork - Boboi Amsyar

Finally, the portrait is complete! Alhamdulillah!
This is my 6th portrait…to see my previous artwork, click here.

Click image to have a clear view.

Boboi Amsyar

I drew this portrait as a gift for my aunty Anisah (I call her busu Nisah). She has such an adorable and super cute little boy (1 year old now) (my cousin, Amsyar). So, I decided to draw a portrait as a gift for her.
Since, I’m still a student (unemployed)…heh..so the portrait is a ‘duit raya’ for my aunty.
So, I would like to share with you how I made the portrait. I believe that every portrait artist has their own way of drawing, so do i.
Basically in every portrait I made, there will be 3 steps.
1. Sketch
2. Detailed drawing
3. Final touch up (Editing + blending)

Step 1: Sketch out the form

Click image to have a clear view.

Be precise!...that’s the rule I used in this first step. No wonder I spend 2-3 hours only for sketching…(I do take some rest…not sketching continously ). I start by sketching out the basic form of the portrait using a light pencil (HB). Light pencil lines can be easily erased when I move forward to next stage. I take a serious effort during this first step because to draw such a realistic portrait requires that key proportions are correct. I will not move into 2nd step until I'm satisfied with the sketching. Seriously it is a challenge for me..As a beginner / fresh artist in portrait drawing, so I used a grid lines (you can see in the picture) as a guide to helps me to sketch precisely (eyes, nose & mouth position).

Step 2: Detailed Drawing
Click image to have a clear view.

The starting point in this step begins with the eyes. I used dark pencil (2B/6B/8B) for the inner part of the eyes. For me, eyes convey our expressions and inner character. It will affect the entire ‘mood’ of my drawing. For the hairs I used 8B pencil. After the eyes come the nose and the mouth. Additional detail and blending will come later (step 3).

Step 3: Final touch up

Click image to have a clear view.

Here comes the final step of my portrait drawing. Using a tortillion (a tightly rolled piece of paper with the end softened by sand-paper) I blend the pencil/carbon to create a different tone (Very light, light, dark, very dark)…Different tones will create the depth and will affect its realistic….To be honest I'm just a "freshie" in blending technique…personally I’m not satisfied with my blending performance..still need a lot of practices. But, I have tried my best create the depth and tone.

When i compared this portrait with my previous collection, especially my first artwork, i just can't believe the differences between the two. now, i'm realized that ''To improved my skill, never stop from drawing"...keep practicing (Sketch, detailed drawing & blending)

p/s: sorry for the broken English…=), 

p/s: ada perbezaan antara portret dalam bentuk softcopy (scan) & hardcopy (on paper), terutama dari segi bayang-bayang pada muka boboi amsyar ni. Normally i used my roommate's printer to scan the portrait (lebih clear), but for this artwork i just used mine. If i had the opportunity, insyaAllah...i will replace it with a better one.

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