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"Spiritual void"

My first post, and right now i'm having a problem, a serious problem: regarding myself.... spiritual gap....

i'm not 'enjoy'/khusyu' performing solat (Hati x tenang + berserabut + stress)...buat kerja lain dalam keadaan tertekan ~_~!
....But, then i found this video "Spiritual void" on youtube...its really help me.....thank to Bro Nouman Ali Khan. may Allah always bless you.

As i listening to this video, i wrote down the "script" so that it will be more easy to understand the message.....=)

Do you order righteousness of the people and forget yourselves while you recite the scripture? Then will you not reason (understand)? And seek help through patience and prayer; it is difficult except for the humbly submissive (to Allah)
(Al-Baqarah 2: 44-45)

Assalamualaikum, Qur’an weekly

I would like to share with you yet another reminder, this one particular to those of you that are involve in any sort of Islamic activity, your volunteering at Sunday school/Islamic school, you working on a youth group, you helping for the conference together or bringing educational program to your community, you running a halaqah for the youth, etc…etc

There are so many activities that many of you are involve in, and you doing it for the sake of Islam but are also include in learning the Deen & attending courses and things like that.

But, we are learning all this stuff, and a lots of time you know what happen?....and I speak from my personal experience.

A lot of time what happens is that we got caught in these activities and there is deeply widening and gaping spiritual hole inside of us.

We’re doing all this stuff, but our prayer has become empty and you don’t enjoy reciting Qur’an. And your downtime you are addicted to like entertainment and you can’t help watch movie after movie after movies or you know.. watch a video after video after video on youtube are you watching…haha! game after video game and you just can’t help yourself.

You get caught in this cycle where every time you buy yourself, your just doing the stuff that you hate yourself for and you know that you should be doing something better with your time. You just can’t get yourself to do it. You trying to pick up the Qur’an and start reciting, you just don’t do it. And you so busy volunteering, and you tide up with all this stuff, that even the most amazing, you know the courses and stuff like that you’ve been all of them, but you haven’t lesson to anything. Because you helping out.

But you have other need also: This is “Spiritual hole” that needs to be fulfilled.

"So, there are 2 kinds of services in this Deen (Islam). There are services you provide for others; you know for the sake of Allah, you serve the community…and there are things that you do in this Deen that make yourself a better person."

And you have to have a balance between both of these things.
The ayat I recite to you was a complain Allah made to the children of Israel.

He said:

“Do you order righteousness of the people and forget yourself while you recite the scripture? Have you no-sense?
(Qur’an, 2:44)

Do you command people to do good/you people command others to doing good, and you forget yourself??...And you the one that actually read the book.
In other words, clearly the person who run the halaqah, the one who’s knowledgeable, the one who does the activity, they are more knowledgeable and they are the one telling others people to do good.

What about you??

What about you and by yourself??

You forget so easily??

Why don’t you get it??

Why don’t you understand??

..And so then Allah gives a remedy. If that your problem, if in your public life, you become very active, not to show up, sincerely active event, but in your private life, you’ve just completely been devoid of spirituality and khusyu’ in the prayer, then what should you do?


“seek help through patience……”

Be firm, be tougher of yourselves – get yourself up and pray, force yourself to turn that thing off and go recite some Qur’an or memorize some ayat or do some ibadah, make some du’a, memorize a new du’a. Force yourself to do this.

And then He (Allah) said:

“…….and seek help with the prayer”

The prayer is supposed to help you get out of this problem…..You see, when Allah say “seek help” there is a problem which you seek help (the problem was in the previous ayat (verse: 44), “You tell people to do good, you forget about yourself”)

And Allah say, to help you to out of that problem, you turn to prayer/solat


Specifically to the brother, I want to give a practical advice. You know, there are many spiritual exercises in the sunnah of prophet Muhammad. Many practices in a higher and higher level. You know…., fasting every Monday and Thursday and tahajjud prayer …etc

But, before you talk about any of that stuff, let me just give you some very practical advice.

If you can just make it to fajar and isya’ at the masjid (congregational prayer), and you can do it for a month/2 months/3 months/regularly without missing a single one. You’ve address your spiritual problem for the most part.

That way you feel after you come back from the masjid after praying fajar, you will know that feeling; it cannot be argue with you. You yourself will be the witness, that something has change about me, something is different, especially fajar. And don’t miss isya’ because of course the prophet promise, that if you can catch both of those (fajar & isya’), it is like you worship the entire night.

So, start with that, start with this essential. But, if you can establish these 2 things, seriously you will find a huge change

In the way you feel about the Deen,

The way you connecting with Allah,

The way you feel really that Allah is listening to your supplication,

Your du’a, you asking him.

But, start with that: perform fajar and isya’ at the masjid…..Insha’Allah.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“If people knew the reward in praying Fajr and Isya’ in congregation…they would go to the mosque even if they had to crawl”
[Bukhari & Muslim]

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