Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just me, books & a nice cup of coffee

A good book & a cup of tea or coffee is always the best idea.
I just love the feeling of being alone and silent. 
The moment of calm and relax. Just me, book, and the silent sound.


For each chapter of book that i read, it triggered my brain to ponder and reflect the message behind it. 
The ideas inside it.
I think there is nothing better than to indulge myself in a good book.


Back To Basics (by Boy_Wonder)

A good book & a cup of tea/coffee is always a best idea =)I just love the feeling of being alone & indulge myself with a good book
Calm, cool and relax. Enjoy the silent moment.

Even though I do enjoyed the natural and peaceful moment of being solitude, it would never be able to replace the feeling of being close to God during prayer [especially during sujood (prostration)].

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