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I love you, but never met you

I'm really amazed by this beautiful poem. Its deeply meaningful. This poem and the spoken word video made me think....I'm impressed by the poem, the words are really beautiful and inspiring. Imagine during the prophet's was a time of golden literature. It means that, a man (Arab land) could gain immense privilege and status by producing such a great work of literature. And the greatest literature ever is the Qur'an. It was an amazing work of Arabic poetry. SubhanaAllah!  

I love you, but never met you

I know everything about you,
I research you,
I looks into books to find out more about you,
I Google your name online,
And search small and big libraries for books about you.

Because they told me that you love me.


I confused because we never met.

How can you love someone you never met?

They told me that you conquered the Roman for me.
And send you best men to Persian to me.

You blood,
You fought, You a sworn-er and slaughtered
Your injured all this for me.

And how I can't love you?
Even though we haven't met.

And I told them,
that i dream every night,
And wish every day,
That one day....
Even for a fraction of a second
That my eyes could met yours,
And my hand could shake yours
And you let me drinks from your river

I read about your beauty
I heard about you were offered wealth, status and women,

you declined them for me.

I heard that they send the children to throw stone at you
But you replied with patience and pray
I heard that they boycott you for thrice
Took your home
And drove you out of your birth place
The most beloved place to you heart


that wasn't enough...

So after you left secretly at night
They send their best men to track you down
And bring you back
To kill your dream for me


God protected you with the pigeon and the spider web
And when you arrived to safety
You stood all night
Cry and praying for me
Until tears drip from your beard
Just like water drip from a leaking tab

All this made you stronger,
And more determined to reach me

Years later....

They send an army of thousands men
To fight you
You stood with 300 men and one
Then they form a bigger army
And came back to finish you
But they couldn't

Their hate for you only increase,
But your love for me grew even more

Then they form allies against you
And betrayed you
And denied you the right to return to your homeland
And undermined you in their deals


Because of your love for peace
Because of your love for virtue
Because of your love for me
You accepted their term
And agreed to their condition

People say Romeo and Juliet is The greatest love story of all

I said to them:
"how can that be?" 

When the man i love did all that for me
When the man i love sacrifice his life for me
The man i love gave everything he had for me
The man i love send armies to the east and the west so that i can be
The man i love teach me purpose in what i do

I know that he is my prophet
"I'm proud to say" 

He gave me confidence in the right way
For me was a perfect father,warrior and friend
The message of peace,love and justice
He would send,
To every man, woman and child in this world
And to every creation in the universe to

Are remind you that when a prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Was granted his supplication from Allah
And when he could have used it for himself

He saved it for his ummah 

He saved it for you 

I now know why i love him more than i love myself......

Tidak (sempurna) iman salah seorang kamu sehingga aku lebih dicintai dari orang tuanya, anaknya dan semua manusia lainnya.
(HR Bukhari dan Muslim) 

Such a profound hadis from the most beloved person Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Visit here to find out more about this hadis

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