Friday, October 11, 2013

Deep Inside

tag am meer by rockenbecky on Flickr.
I tend to be quit and introspective
Most of the time I enjoyed being solitude not because I anti-social
but by staying alone helps me to discover and refresh myself 

Deep Inside of me
I used to have a deep conversation with my own self
A conversation where there are no secrets
I thinks a lot
I wondered a lot
I questioned a lot (and most of the time I don't have the answer)

I find it difficult to express my emotion
Sad, happy, angry, stress, depress
Not because I'm emotionless

I'm still human. A normal person as you are.
And most of the time I'm just being calm

Perhaps I'm good in pretending to be cool
And deep inside, there was a great struggle
between my heart and mind
my body and soul

There are a lots of things I wants to do.
For myself, for the peoples I love and care, for the environment
Yet, so little effort I had made.
But I will keep moving and struggling

Will keep improving myself.
Learn from mistake and other's experience.

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