Thursday, December 1, 2011

Orchard of Love

Anything you wish to hear or say about marriage? Find the answer here!

InsyaAllah.....this weekend I will joining a two-days of workshop : Orchard of Love by Dr Reda Bedeir
Going to equip myself with essential knowledge and basic preparation in finding my soul mate (the other half of me)....A workshop to guide me toward attaining love & serenity.

Who's Dr. Reda Bedeir?

A Scholar, Motivational and inspirational speaker, Marriage officer & youth trainer from Canada.
To be honest, I never meet him before, never attend any of his talk, but somehow I really wants to go....=)

The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, 
"A woman is married for her wealth, her lineage, her beauty, or her religion. 
So choose the religious one or you will lose." 

The question is, siapa wanita solehah? and how can I find it?

p/s: I will share what i learn during the workshop in my next keep in touch with me..=)


Unknown said...

salam muzze spas,

I'm trying to book some seats for this workshop--I know it's kinda late. Did you buy your tickets or are you just going to show up? I can't seem to get in touch with anyone in charge of this event.


muzze spas said...

Wslm wrt,

I've already book the seat last Monday....I suggest you to try to contact this no. (Organizer of this workshop)

013 6353759 or 017 6884827

Its maybe too late right now, but somehow it is worth to have a call first. Its a two-days workshop. Detail info about the event, go to this link

Ruqaiyah Hmy said...

hmm..sila2 share..huhu..

Xiet_Enigma said...

I'm waiting... Da da daa~ :)

muzze spas said...

Xiet_Enigma & Ruqa : so many things mau di share...but donno where to start..heh...but less is more.....=)

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