Saturday, January 14, 2012

Talk is cheap, but making it true is PRECIOUS.

Currently, I'm having  my final exam for this semester.

Only one paper left (out of 5 papers). This Monday (16 Jan). Pray for me. Amen

During this exam's week, I spent most of my time in library. (Terutama waktu malam). 
Yup, UM library is now my 2nd home. Even though, boleh ja belajar dekat rumah sewa, lengkap dengan kemudahan meja, kerusi, buku-buku..etc. But, somehow I choose to go to library. Why? 
Dekat rumah ada internet berkelajuan tinggi, nak pergi UM kena pikir transport lagi, minyak moto lagi. Leceh. Buat apa nak susah kan diri? Kufur nikmat!
Well, the answer is simple.It is about developing a positive Habit

For me, it's not merely going to library (dah la sejuk!  -.-"), but it is my attempt, my effort to develop a good habit. One hour of my study in library is totally different with one hour at home.