Thursday, December 6, 2012

The best part of being a Muslim

The best part of being a muslim. 
You are guided. 
You were given a road map on how to attain true happiness, blessing and inner peace.
You have the best role model to be followed and inspired. They ate, slept, worked, and married. Just like you.  They are the best people chosen by Allah. From Adam, Moses, Abraham, Jesus until Muhammad. (May peace and blessing be upon them)

The best part of being a Muslim. 
You were given the highest degree of freedom humans can achieved. Instead of being a slaves to humans, your own lust and desired. You choose to submitted your body, mind, heart and soul to the ultimate one. God, the most merciful, the most beneficent.

The best part of being a Muslim.
You knew that this Dunya (World) is temporary. 
You knew that you are in the journey of going back to your true home. A place better than this world. Something higher. Jennah (Heaven)

The best part of being a Muslim.

You aware that there is only one God worthy of worship. The One and Only.
The One, whom all creatures need. The One who neither eats nor drinks. The one who begets not nor was He begotten. And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him.

He is Allah.
Our first love story

p/s: I'm truly blessed by Him. Allah. He guided me. He gave me light. Thank you Allah. =')

*Muslim: Someone who consciously commits himself to the worship of God alone, not according to his own inclinations or those of other men but according to the method conveyed by God through His appointed prophets (messengers)

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