Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is right and wrong relative?

Living in today's world is really challenging. We live in an age where good and evil are often looked at as relative concepts. Each person has his or her own personal understanding of right and wrong. Good and evil.

We all have our own idea about it.

Some believed that good and evil are relative and left to the individual and society. What is good? Wrong? Evil? Right? Etc...

Such claim (good and evil are relative) left us with a question. What do we mean by relative?

Well, it was determined by the perception of the individual. It is general and abstract. Means it don't relate to specifics. Different people believed different things to be good or evil. Right or wrong. That's why some people claimed  good and evil or right and wrong are determined by circumstances.
For example:

Today is A, tomorrow can be B, In the future can be C
But, let us think for a bit. To believe there is no definite good and evil can lead to a situation where no standards of right and wrong are acceptable.

And how such situation would helps in creating a harmony and peaceful world?

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