Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sister Azra banu

She reminds me:

#1 There is no such thing as stagnant. We're always moving. And being human, we are moving up and down.

#2 Everything has an impact greater than zero.

#3 Everything we do (positive or negative, right or wrong, good or evil) would left something behind.

#4 Always thinking about improving yourself

#5 Some says "Nothing will get you nothing". But I said: "Nothing will bring you disaster!"

#6 Never leave yourself doing nothing

#7 Our mouth might say: "I'm doing it for Allah". But remember "we can't lie to our heart"

#8 Our appetite would never be satisfied. It will look for another one.

#9 Allah has given us all we need to know His will and succeed in this world and next. He has enabled us to know his will. He gave us direct revelation, observable signs (nature), senses, reason, understanding and intuition to discover the divine.

#10 Our nafs (desire, lust) love this world. So keep your heart progressing (pure and clean) by cleansing it every time (remember Allah).

Such a powerful advise. Deeply meaningful I think. May Allah bless you sister!

With Sister Azra Banu during Khalifah Youth Training (KYC) in Khalifah Institute (K.I), Ampang

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