Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh, What a world i’m livin’ in!

“We don’t see we keep hurting each other”

“All we do is just fight”

Most of the time, I noticed something is wrong about us (refer to the Muslim community). Yeah, seriously something is missing and lacking, yet we take it for granted.
I noticed that,
We tend to promote hatred than love at the first place..
We tend to promote harshness and assumption than to ask for understanding and clarific
We tend to promote grudge than peace..
and yet, we said: ‘ i’m a muslim and i’m doing dakwah’!

Oh, What a world i’m livin’ in!

I think we should start with love and kindness first and build a sense of understanding with all the people from different religions.

Be curious, not judgemental.
Don't assume, ask first.

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