Thursday, July 19, 2012

Syeikh Yahya Ibrahim

Last Tuesday, I went to this talk "Reboot yourself this Ramadan" by Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim. One of my favourite teacher. His talk was amazing and inspiring!. My soul is really craving for this talk. It was a full house and I have to seat on the floor to give seat for sisters.

After the talk I realized one thing, and I said it to myself

"The fact that I'm able to attend his talk (Syeikh Yahya) about ramadan is a sign that Allah really loves me. It's all due to his blessing. Alhamdulillah. O Allah please forgive my sins"

Some important points I would like to share:

#1 Sheikh Yahya advices us to look back at our niat (intention) every single of time.

What is niat?

O, Allah this is for you, alone
O, Allah, your said it, i obey.
O, Allah, please grant me jannah (good reward)
O, Allah accepted it (any good deeds that I've done) 

#2 There are 3 ways in dealing with Qur'an:

First, open our heart by putting aside our arrogance and ignorance. Second, 'give your ears'. It means to give our full attention and be sincere to understand the Qur'an. Third; is witnessed the truth (Allah is one and Muhammad is his messenger)

#3 Remember that Ramadan is the month of training, a month of dedication, a month of self-reflection (look back at our-self, the condition of our heart, soul and mind). Ramadan is not just about staying away from food, drinks and intimate relations.

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