Sunday, July 1, 2012

#7 Portrait "Sweetie pie"

Alhamdulillah! (All praise to Allah) #7 portrait is now complete!

Click on image to enlarge.

Original picture.

I just love this super duper cute little princess. Such an osem photography.

I feel excited and passionate to draw babies/children portrait. Right now there are 3 babies portrait in my collection.

Step by step before completed. (Sketching, drawing, editing, blending & final touch up)
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My mentor said:

"The 'real' problem with children is that they change so quickly; their childhood years are so precious but pass before we realize it. We can have hundreds of photographs of them, but a pencil portrait drawing will definitely be something different and special" - Sally Holland (Click here to see her portrait)

This portrait 'Sweetie Pie' representing my effort to improve my drawing especially the eyes and hair. For me it was the hardest part! -.-'
I'm also working hard to improve my blending or shading technique, because it's the key to draw a real life portrait! By improving shading, I can greatly improve the quality of drawings.
Portrait drawing is one of the way to express my personality. Drawing realistically indulges the side of me that loves detail and is a perfectionist. Every portrait I made, it challenges me to create more accurate drawings

Tuhan tolong pinjamkan bakat melukis ini untuk tempoh yang lebih lama.


saie said...

fewhh....what a complicated step akhi. i do prefer doodling . tapi benda kita minat, apaun tak kesah ye x?

muzze spas said...

everyone is unique in their own style...hehe...memang nampak complicated tapi berbaloi dengan hasilnya..=)

kalu dah minat n passionate....redah ja...haha

ramlah said...

mashaAllah cantik!

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